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Conversation Topic 1 (2020)

Actualizado: 3 feb 2020

This week's conversation topic is the winter blues . Here are some articles, videos and podcasts to check out in your free time.


To take a hit To suffer heavy losses or be badly affected (by something).

To reap the rewards to get all the good things that come with something

Brisk - active and energetic

Comfy - comfortable

Reprieve – a cancellation or postponement of a punishment.

Doldrums - a state or period of depression.

Tried-and-true - something that has proven in the past to be effective or reliable

Flurry a sudden, short period of activity, excitement, or interest

To be part and parcel of… - to be a feature of something, especially a feature that cannot be avoided

Wind chill (factor) - how cold it actually feels on your skin when the wind taken into account.


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