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Conversation Topic 28 (2021)

This week's conversation topic is ageing (aging U.S). Here are some articles and videos to check out in your free time:


on the cusp of - at the point when something is about to change

lifespan - the length of time for which a person, animal, or thing exists

longevity - remaining popular or useful for a long time

to reboot - (of a computer) to switch off and then start again immediately

regenerative therapy - A form of treatment which tries to rejuvenate the skin or even the whole person by the injection of tissues taken from other animals.

anti-aging products - products used to prevent or lessen the effects of getting older

thorough - meticulous

to fast - to eat no food for a period of time

stem cell - a cell, especially one taken from a person or animal in a very early stage of development, that can develop into any other type of cell

biohacking - attempts to improve the condition of your body and mind using technology, drugs, or other chemical substances such as hormones:

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