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Converation Topic Week 2 (2020)

This week's conversation topic is shade . Here are some articles, videos and podcasts to check out in your free time.


heatstroke a condition that can lead to death, caused by being too long in a very hot place

dizzy – feeling as if everything is turning around, and that you are not able to balance and may fall over

adobe - a mixture of earth and straw made into bricks and dried in the sun, used to build houses in some parts of the world

Calling Card – something that describes or shows a person's typical qualities:

landlocked – surrounded by the land of other countries and having no coast

Doldrums - a state or period of depression.

tripwire - a wire stretched low above the ground that operates an explosive device, a gun, or a device for catching animals when it is touched by the foot of a person or animal

curb cut a place where the curb (= edge of a raised path next to the road) is made to slope down to the level of the road, so it is easier for people with vehicles such as wheelchairs or pushchairs to get on or off the path:


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